Lessons from History – World Rugby’s Best & Worst Ever Nations

Some more history coming your wayt today and this time it’s about Rugby. This post from Breaking the Gainline: The Hard Yards.

Breaking the Gainline: The Hard Yards

Philosophy has described history as being “past politics” and a simple chronicling of all previous human interaction. Today’s events are tomorrow’s history.

If this theory was devolved into a sporting context, then current results will be reflected on in the years to come, as defining or characteristic of the present day.

Like it or not, international rugby teams are the current keepers – or defenders – of their nation’s rugby history.

Momentous victories such as England’s over the All Blacks last season, are to be cherished, but cannot eradicate the Kiwi’s traditional monopoly. One sunny day does not herald a heatwave.

So, how do the current generations of international teams compare to their illustrious – or ponderous – history? Who has replaced a samurai attacking game with a butter-knife?

If you’re Scottish, it’s about to get a wee bit gloomy. Irish fans will need a Guinness or two, to wash…

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