Over The Weekend: NBA Playoffs, Revis, Brewers, and More


So sorry everyone I had a very busy Friday and weekend so I wasn’t able to post me Playoff Previews for the Nuggets vs Warriors or the Clippers vs Grizzlies. So here are my quick predictions:

Nuggets in 5

Clippers in 4

So it’s pretty apparent that having home field advantage in the first two games is key as not a single home team lost over the weekend. What else did we learn?

Andre Miller still has it as he scored the game winning layup against the Warriors in the last 6 seconds. Andre Miller scored 28 points in the first game and will hopefully continue to be a thorn in the side of the Golden State Warriors.

The Bulls can be bullied, as we saw in the first game a “injured” Noah was out on the court and was simply pushed around by Lopez. The Bulls couldn’t rebound and just looked lost on the court. Derrick Rose isn’t coming back, he’s pretty much been officially out for a full year, and if he were to come back he should’ve done it a while ago.

The Bucks aren’t just talk, even though ball hogging Jennings came out and said they’ll beat the Heat he at least backed up his statement. Jennings and Ellis kept the Bucks in the game and the game was close until the second half when they fell behind by at least 20 points. If the Bucks could get help from their other players they just might beat the Heat, but still highly unlikely.

The Lakers just aren’t the Lakers without Kobe Bryant, they’re just a mirage and don’t buy into them. The Lakers got bullied by the Spurs and they just couldn’t get to the paint. Gasol’s shots were awful. I don’t know what the Lakers need to do, and I’m sure D’Antoni doesn’t either. It’s going to be painful to watch this mess again next year.


So it’s a done deal Revis has gone to Tampa Bay for the 13th overall pick in Thursday night’s draft and a conditional selection next year. The deal is apparently for six years and worth $96 million, making Revis the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history, but includes no guaranteed money, according to sources close to the Pro Bowl cornerback. Now I don’t care what ignorant and annoying Sherman has to say Revis is the best CB in the NFL. The question is will his style of play transfer well to Tampa Bay? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tampa in the playoffs his year.


The number one offense in the National league started the season off 3-8 and then the third week of April came. The Brewers finally look like they’re supposed to with an over 500 record. 9-8. The brewers are currently on a 7 game win streak. They lost to the Rockies and Diamondbacks but hey somehow were able to sweep the defending Champions, the San Francisco Giants. The Brewers could sweep the Padres as well, but I’m seeing a couple losses down the road against the dangerous Dodgers.


Even after the arrest made in the Boston Marathon bombings, the NFL is taking no chances when it comes to protecting fans attending this week’s draft. Supovitz said fans are being asked to leave backpacks and bulky bags at home. Doors will open an hour earlier than normal “so people can go through the security protocols so they’re not delayed getting into the building.”

“The rest of the security measures we’re putting in aren’t things I can talk about but do know we’re providing a safe environment for our fans,” Supovitz told me and co-host Vic Carucci on SiriusXM NFL Radio


2 thoughts on “Over The Weekend: NBA Playoffs, Revis, Brewers, and More

    • The Clippers keep tearing it up, Memphis is good, but it’ll be difficult to pull off a win against one of the top teams in the West. The second ROund will be more entertaining.

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