D’Antoni Needs to Apologize


How rude, cocky, and disrespectful can D’Antoni be? How can D’Antoni, a head coach in the NBA for a while now and a lover of the game, be so rude to his own players? During his interview after the Laker loss to the Spurs D’Antoni was asked how he felt about Kobe tweeting during the game. D’Antoni had the audacity to roll his eyes, on live television, and call Kobe Bryant a fan. D’Antoni must have two faces since he was able to convince Kobe to trust him and then he pulls a complete 180 and appears to disrespect Kobe time and time again. D’Antoni has been a coach since 1990, don’t you think you’d credit the Super Star you know Kobe is more often? Kobe’s not the only player to take small blows from D’Antoni, he started by insulting Gasol by sitting him on the bench because he didn’t work in your system. Nobody in Laker Nation cares about your fame with the Phoenix Suns, D’Antoni. Jim Buss you better start thinking more about your team and less about your legacy, because at this rate, you’re not going to have one.


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