King For A Day

One of the things about baseball that I really like and that really fascinates me is the fact that you never really know whats going to happen day to day with the players. I mean sure you have your great pitchers and your not so good pitchers, you got your big hitters and the guy you would have sac bunt someone home but as we all know even the best  have their off days.

I think some people put a lot if not too much into the more consistant players because it seems to me the second they start into a slump those same people are all, oh man it’s going to be tough for them tonight so and so’s not hitting as good or piching as well as they usually do. Like their putting the entire greatness of the team just on a few good players.  Then out of nowhere you have this number nine batter with say two RBIs and no homeruns and he comes out and just dominates! He’s driving guys home he hits a homerun or makes a diving catch for a big 3rd out! Or on the other side of it you have a so so pitcher not very consistant allows too many runs and he comes out three up three down three up three down a shut out through six or seven innings!

I thought about this durring last nights Indians Royals game where Mike Aviles hit a career high five RBIs including his three run homer. Now in my opinion Aviles is by no means a bad player but who would’ve called that! It’s like the baseball gods shined down and said alright man tonights your night show em what ya got! And this is something that can happen to any player, then the very next game it could be another player you don’t expect out there having the game of his life.

Like anyone else I like seeing the big players go out there and do what they do best. But i look forward to seeing games like that where the guy you least expect reminds us why their there, because we know their all good players and at any moment their pitching arms or bats can come to life and anyone of them can be king for a day!


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