Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! NBA Playoff Edition

Where Ryan was Wrong


I predicted the Nuggets to beat the Warriors in 5 games but sadly the Nuggets just haven’t been playing the way they were all season.  I fear the worse with another loss coming up and the Nuggets being knocked out in the first round. I had them going to the West finals competing with the Thunder but it looks like the saying is true, you really can’t win without a Super Star.

Where Ryan was Wrong…Again


Well the Clippers were mind blowing at home in the first round it seemed almost like a quick sweep…but that didn’t happen. It appears that I underestimated the power of the Memphis home court. The Clippers just didn’t look like the Clippers. This matchup has probably been the closest compared to the others we thought were going to be better like the Knicks and the Celtics or the Thunder and the Rockets.

Where Brandon Jennings was Wrong and Ryan was Right


Brandon Jennings predicted the Bucks to beat the Heat in 6 games, well that simply didn’t happen now did it? The Bucks put up a good fight in the first three quarters but always flickered out at the end. The Bucks intrigued me a bit as the made the games close, but like a Derrick Rose rumor you were disappointed in the end.

Where Ryan was Right


There was no way the mess that is the Lakers were going to beat the Spurs. The Lakers got bullied around and couldn’t handle the pressure of the big three in San Antonio. Jim Buss has ruined this team and for the first time I feel bad for the Lakers. Kobe’s team is no more as the Lakers become Jim Buss’s team. Jim better figure something out quick to fix this, he’s day-by-day turning the Lakers into the New York Jets of the NBA. Point is I was right no way the Lakers win without Kobe.

Where Ryan was Right

Wizards v/s Thunder 03/14/11

Well The Rockets avoided a sweep here and hopefully they’ll win another so I can be exactly right with the Thunder beating the Rockets in 6 games. The reason I’m right here is because it’s pretty apparent that the Thunder are going to beat the Rockets. If you won’t accept that then how about the fact that I knew Durant was going to start getting the ball more, though I didn’t see the Westbrook injury coming. Durant has been looking amazing out on the court making the Rockets look like fools. I was really hoping Harden would make more of an impact but I guess not.

Some Quick Where Ryan was Right Articles

The Bulls are making things interesting as the city is crumbling down around Derrick Rose,  will he play? They’re saying second round but I don’t believe it. The Bulls will win their next game at home making it 6 games and a perfect prediction by me.

The Pacers and Hawks back and forth is just what I predicted and it’s just as boring. Does anyone really care about this matchup?

The Knicks are steam rolling Boston right now and I can see the Knicks winning their next game taking out the Celtics. I don’t really like Rondo, but this team needs him bad.


6 thoughts on “Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! NBA Playoff Edition

  1. hahaha.Predictions. What’re you gonna do? The Lakers made us all prophets, since people stopped predicting the possibility that they’d move on. Clips are hot/cold like they have been all season. And Steven Curry! Dang. What a great match-up with Denver, but who would’ve guessed?

    • I’ve never heard fame or idolization phrased like that…I like it. I’m all for putting this mans arm on display. He was quite astonishing. I’m curious to see how the Thunder will do without Westbrook. Yea Durant stepped up and I don’t really like Westbrook but he’s like the Rondo of the Thunder. You don’t like him but he does make the team better.

      • So true… Rondo is easily hate-able but the athleticism of those two! At least Westbrook is brash mostly on the court and in his dress, but Rondo is so egotistical I want to slap him. Not a hard slap tho… might hurt his play (when he recovers). Watching both of them is like ballet for dudes.

  2. Rondo is easily hateable but he’s a vertern and a monster on the court, I should know as I got schooled by him in NBA Jam (On Fire Edition) the other day. Westbrook annoys me because he’s taking the ball away from the real Super Star, Kevin Durant. Westbrooks been putting up the points at an alarming rate though and he’s not looking like his former self. I’m starting to like Westbrook day by day, but he better realize soon he’s not the main guy on that OKC Thunder team.

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