Ballparks With Exspensive Beer


Nothing makes you look cooler and feel cooler than drinking a smooth beer at a ball game. Let’s face it if you’re not drinking at a sporting event then you’re missing out. Nothing beats the 80 degree baseball weather like a beer in one hand a hotdog in the other. Thanks to MSN now we know which ballparks charge you the most for your beer. In my opinion you’re better off drinking during the tailgate beforehand anyway.

What happens when you win the World Series twice in three years? That’s right not only does your ticket go up but so does your beer!  The price of a 16-ounce beer at AT&T Park went up a startling 50 cents! It’s tough to argue as long as Pablo Sandoval and company are bringing home the hardware. Beer at AT&T Park currently stands at $6.75


Sorry, there’s no hometown discount for Budweiser at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. It must sting Cardinals fans in a stadium named for the Busch family to spend more on 12 ounces of beer than their fellow beer-ballpark fans pay for a pint at Milwaukee’s Miller Park ($6) or Colorado’s Coors Field ($6). That’s for a pint! Cardinals fans will be dishing out $6.75 for just a small beer.

Who remembers the Braves wild card matchup against the Cardinals last year?  Wasn’t that nice, but was the post-season loss really grounds for bumping up the price of a 16-ounce beer by 25 cents? At $17.32, the Braves still have the lowest average ticket price of any of last year’s playoff teams but I really don’t want to pay $7.25 for a 16oz beer.


When will the Cubs realize how this works? Here’s some advice guy: Wait until some of second-year general manager Theo Epstein’s moves pay off, let the team win more than 61 games, then raise the price of beer by a quarter or so. Hopefully the new renovations won’t impact your beer price Cubs fans, if it does you can always watch your Cubs at Miller Park for the cheap good stuff. So stop paying that $7.25 and come on down! Or is it technically up?

Sorry Red Sox fans there’s no change in price for what has been the most expensive 12 ounces of Major League beer three years running.  If the on-field product is already angering fans, don’t punish them further with high beer prices. If the price doesn’t drop feel free to put on your best New York accent and tell them it’s garbage…human garbage. I ain’t paying no $7.25 for 12oz, this is garbage.


This stadium is themed with a wonderful shade of blue and you’ll also be feeling blue when you find that beer here costs $7.34. But hey, if you just bought the better parts of the Miami Marlins’ roster and some pitching help from the Mets — though R.A. Dickey hasn’t been much help so far — you’d jack up prices 15 cents too. Jeez what an odd number for the price of a beer…Canada.

The Twins have finished dead last in the American League Central Division for the past two years after being a perennial playoff contender. So why raise the price 50 cents to $7.50? Oh what’s that our smallest size is 20oz, oh I guess that’s alright then.


The price of beer holds steady in Citizens Bank Park, but the “small” is still 21 ounces. At 37 cents an ounce, that’s a better deal by volume than fans are getting anywhere else!  Still if I’m watching the Phillies play as good as they are…I’m not sure how many $7.75 beers I have to drink to start enjoying myself.

They fired manager Ozzie Guillen, sold off most of last year’s high priced roster and are still making fans pay $8 for 16 ounces of beer? Granted, the Marlins dropped ticket prices 4% this year. No offense but for a team this bad I’ll be needing my beer to keep the game interesting but I don’t want to drop $8 for 16oz. Instead I’ll by myself a 24 pack invite my friends over and watch this game on TV.


The winner of the Most Expensive Beer title for ballparks in the MLB goes to…..! The Washington Nationals! After the Nationals’ first-ever playoff appearance last year, losing to the Cardinals in a five-game division series — the Nationals raised ticket prices 15.4% and increased the price of a 16-ounce beer by a whopping $1.75. I’m not looking forward to paying $8.25 for a 16oz beer….pass!


5 thoughts on “Ballparks With Exspensive Beer

  1. Great post man! I’m not kidding you when I went up to progressive field it was 10 bucks for a tall boy of miller. Even though all we hear on the radio is how everything went down in price this year.

    • Thanks, I thought some people might find this interesting. Really! I prefer my beer at a lower price, that’s why I love Miller Park so much. $10 is a decent deal compared to the other prices listed. $8 for a 12oz n Miami…please.

      • I just found out why my tall boy at the ballpark was 10 bucks even though prices were down this year. Its for the draft beer. You can get a 12oz draft for 4 bucks, you get two of them and you save 2 bucks on a tall boy. Last year i think the 12oz drafts were 5.75 or 6 so yeah we just didnt see what the price dropped for. My cousin that i go to the games with went up the other day and i think your post here had him look into it a little more!

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