This Ball Is Outta Here!


This ball is hit well, it’s hit deep, it’s gone! That was the phrase heard not once not twice but seven times last night for the Indians in a stellar performance given by both the offence and the defense in this suddenly awakened ball club as they rolled over the Phillies 14-2.

For us tribe fans who know all too well that not even a week ago we were wondering if the hitters would ever find home plate and if the starting pitchers could ever find the strike zone without giving up a hit or a run.  Now it seems the two sides are battling it out to see who can have a better game! To say the least it’s a breath of fresh air to see their home-er-coming go just as well as thier last to games on the road went.

Getting down to it, Satana, Reynolds, Chisenhall, Brantley, Stubbs, and Raburn all combined for five two run blasts and a pair of solo homers. Keep in mind eight of their runs were off the glove of two time cy young award winner Roy Halladay! For Ryan Raburn who hit two homers in last nights game and the game before  it marks the first time that has been done by an Indian since Hafner did it back in 2004.

Starting pitching by McAllister was no task to be overlooked either last night. Going seven innings giving up 5 hits with 4 strikeouts and holding the Phillies to their only two runs it seems things might be starting to look up for him.

We’ll see tonight if the tribe can keep the streak alive with Bauer on the mound going up against the former Indian Cliff Lee.



2 thoughts on “This Ball Is Outta Here!

  1. I’ve always liked the Tribe’s offense, it’s their pitching that makes me cringe… Meanwhile Phillies VS Indians? Don’t see that too much. Gotta love daily interleague play!

    • I know what you mean man. They get a pitcher out there that may have pitched well his last few outtings and your still kind of like oh man can he do this. And yeah I had to take a double look when I saw they were going to play the Phillies! and only an odd two game series.

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