Yuniesky Betancourt gives brewers lead, then Weeks Seals the deal in 12-8 slug fest


(Well done sealing the deal little Rickie)

Brewers once again, beat the Pirates in a slug fest that ended 12-8. This was a game where the Brewers surely had to show their grit and work for this win. The game went back in forth and thanks to  home run hits by Jean Segura in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game, Yuniesky Betancourt in the 7th that gave the brewers a  9-8 lead, then in the bottom of the 8th. Ricky Weeks sealed the deal, with a 3 run shot that gave the brewers a comfortable victory and with this. They improve to 14-11, while keeping their hot streak alive.

Overall I have been impressed with the hot streak the brewers have been on and considering that they aren’t at full strength yet, with the absence of Cory Hart and Aramis Ramirez. This team is looking quite impressive.

The only criticism I still have with this team is the Pitching. Though it has improved from the beginning of the season. Still, when you give up 8 runs, that’s never a good sign. Hopefully the pitchers can continue to improve as the season moves along, because the Brewers aren’t going to be able to continually put up runs like this every night. However, I like the direction the Brewers are heading. With the victory to end out the month of April. Here is to this hot streak continuing! Go Brewers Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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