Jason Collins Comes Out, but What Does it Mean?


Homophobia, like bigotry and sexism, is rooted in insecurity, ignorance and religious dogma. I know this because I was once unrepentantly homophobic. This was posted by FOX Sports writer Jason Whitlock.

Great line, deep from the heart I can tell. Not everyone is accepting at first, it’s really all about how fast you warm up to the idea. You can act like modern day America and try to be accepting or you can be like dated America ignorant to new ideas with your boot in the ground refusing to change.

I congratulate Collins, especially since I was worried about the first male athlete to come out and tell the sports world that he’s gay. I’m scared of the backlash to come as the anger floods into the journalist fan mail bag. But what does Collins coming out mean?

I’ll be honest I’m glad an athlete came out it, needed to happen. Here’s the issue though, when this story broke my family turned to me, the only family member that’s pays attention to the sports world. What they asked me was “Who’s that player who came out and who does he play for?”

That’s the problem with Jason Collins coming out, nobody really knows who he is outside the world of sports, or I could even say outside of the NBA. Collins is a great person and a great player but I’m afraid he simply isn’t important enough to make as much as a small splash in the sports ocean.


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