Jordan Crawford, OKC Flops: Worst of the NBA Playoffs

I’ve seen so many flops this playoff run it’s absurd. Professionals should be ashamed for even thinking that flopping is a good idea. Other then that the playoffs this year are just getting more and more exciting. Great post by Sideline Mob.

Sideline Mob

Crawford, OKC: Worst of NBA Playoffs

We’ve seen the 2013 NBA playoffs bring the very best out of a lot of players. Stephen Curry has turned himself from a great pure shooter into a star. Chandler Parsons put an entire team on his back in Game 4. Paul George turned in a triple-double in Game 1 of the Indiana/Atlanta series (which, be honest, feels like it happened 6 months ago at this point).

And yet, as with all things, yin must always have its yang, and all that basketball goodness must be counter-balanced by some absolute stupidity. It’s true in every sport, at every position. For every classy, magnanimous Hall of Famer closer like Mariano Rivera, there will always be a John Rocker. For every Peyton Manning, there will be a JaMarcus Russell. And for every stellar performance or gracious act in the 2013 NBA playoffs, there will…

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