Manti bolts to San Diego

The much scrutinized Manti T’eo has found a new home in a familiar setting, South California.  Manti choose ND over USC in a decision that may have changed his life.  Manti flew hours away from beaches and familiar settings to go to the small city of South Bend.  He had a very successful career at ND and at one time was a super hero to little kids.  We all know how the story ended in South Bend and Manti is on to a new chapter in his life.  I think San Diego is a great fit for him, first off it is the most beautiful city in the U.S.  and he will be back near beach settings and warm climate, something that will make him feel “at home.”  Also, there is so much to do in San Diego, not everyone even follows sports, just take a look at a Padre game sometime.  Of course, there are plenty of beautiful real women as well.


About Keith Gregory

Cincinnati, OH / Lexington, KY

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