Rick Pitino’s Ink

Rick Pitino is a man of his word, most Kentuckians already know this.  How many career ending injuries has he forecasted for his players,  only to have them return to the lineup in a few weeks?  What about the time he told former UK player Michael Bradley to his face “I am not leaving Kentucky for Boston.”  Maybe with age comes wisdom, the now 60-year-old 2 time NCAA champion coach has learned to keep his word.  Rick Pitino gracefully showed Kentuckians and people across the country,  a lovely image of his pale white spotty skin donning a UL NCAA championship tattoo.   Congrats Rick, youre officially “one of them.”  Forever, a Louisville Cardinal now.  Your tattoo is something right out of Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY.  If only you had gotten it on your neck you could have matched some of your recruits and half of your fan base.  My only question is are you getting your players one,  or are you shafting them like you did the 1996 Kentucky Wildcat championship team?   You got a custom championship ring and none of your players did, until Coach Cal who didn’t even know them, brought them back recently to honor them with custom rings.

Rick Pitino


About Keith Gregory

Cincinnati, OH / Lexington, KY

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