Te’o Joke, Fair or Foul?


The joke isn’t  original and it’s pretty old. On the bright side it’s probably somewhat tame compared to what Te’o will hear on the field, in the stands, and from media in larger markets when the season starts this fall. But it’s not the ideal start for a guy who’s just trying to put the past in the past.

Leave Te’o alone! Sorry Spears reference there. The point is, our society can’t help ourselves. We mock those who got exposed and it becomes a form of bullying. Te’o has taken enough flak and we just kind of need to drop the subject. Why can’t we accept him for his foolish mistake and move on? Wait am I contributing to the issue by posting the above tweet and cartoon? Whoops.

I’ll at least end this post with this. I live in San Diego and I can’t wait to see this kid play. San Diego….SUPER CHARGERS!


5 thoughts on “Te’o Joke, Fair or Foul?

  1. The same journalists who whine and moan about kids being bullied in schools are the biggest offenders when it comes to public figures. There’s a fine line between satire and spitting on people to make yourself look better.

    • I certainly hope you’re not talking about me…I agree though. On the radio or advertised on tv or in poscasts all the time you have journalists talking about stepping up to bullying. In the end when you hammer at someone every chance you get, when you make the stupid cartoons like the person did above, or when you poke fun at something that stopped being funny a couple monthes ago you become the bully and the worse kind. The mdeia/cyber bully. You hide behind your computer or position and use it as leverage against those you write about. The news media truly is the biggest bully in the world today.

      • Oh Ryan, absolutely not! We’re giving credit to you for taking a stand against cartoons like this. Thank you for calling out the media for being hypocrites (saying bullying should be stopped, and then doing it themselves). Good for you.

      • I’ll be honest I was a little worried here that we might start accusing one another, tone is difficult to read in text format I apologize. It’s not just main stream media though so fan too should take note. making an offensive sign and bringing it to the game is just as bad. Unless you’re a Rangers fan and your mocking Hamilton…that’s ok. But seriously when you make that sign you’re just as bad as the media.

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