No Super Star, No Round Two


The Nuggets had the high ground and they turned to the Warriors with their best intmidating stance and told them, don’t try it. The warriors glared back and said to the Nuggets, hey you under esitmate our power. Golden State then went out and proved it as Steph Curry went on his usual run and Andrew Boogus finally stepped up and played a great game.

Curry had 22 points and eight assists, Andrew Bogut broke out with the best performance of his injury-proned season and the Warriors eliminated the Denver Nuggets with a 92-88 victory in Game 6 on Thursday night.

Ryan was wrong here…way wrong.

”When we go in the locker room, we’re jumping up and down, we’re hugging, we’re changed men,” Jackson said. ”This is the greatest group of men as far as a team that I’ve ever been around or seen in my life.”

This is the first time the Warriors have made it to the second round in six years. Also Bogut became the first Warriors player with 20 rebounds in the playoffs since Larry Smith had 23 on May 12, 1987 at the Lakers.

The Nuggets simply couldn’t keep up as they fell behind the Warriors early in the 4th. Denver suffers the major fall of notoriously not being able to play catch up. The age old saying stands true as the Nuggets lose, you can’t win without a Super Star but they’re still a great team with that one missing piece.


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