Tribe Goes For 5!

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians - Game One

The Cleveland Indians (12-13) are back in action playing host to the Twins tonight! I hate off days, whenever i’m doing something, usually in my garage i love having the game on. If the tribes not playing i just turn on another game on my MLB at bat but it’s just not the same if it’s not the tribe. Hopefully the off day does’t slow down the roll they’ve been on.

The red hot Indians hitters, who in the last four games have scored an impressive 39 runs on 59 hits, will be going up against the Twins starter Pedro Hernandez who is 1-0 on the year. Hernandez had his best start and first win of the season his last outing Saturday against the Rangers.

Unfortunately it’s the opposite for the Indians with Masterson starting tonight. Masterson had his worst outing his last time up Sunday against the Royals where the tribe was shut out 9-0. He is now 4-2 on the year.

I think they’ll come out tonight and continue hitting just as well as they have been. I am nervous though about Masterson. He’s been needing to turn things around for a while so maybe tonight will be the night and he can once again lead the tribe to another victory!

Goooooo Tribe!!!!!


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