The PG era has been around for a few years now. Some fans think that it’s actually caused the product to become a little dry and stale. The product is stale because the writers are out of touch.
How often do we have to deal with the invasion angle? Nexus didn’t work, revamping the NWO didn’t work, hell I’d even go as far as to say the actual WCW/ECW angle didn’t work. The WWE needs more fans writing the material. The PG era has only taken the bloodshed and headshots away. There is so much that a good story can do.
The WWE needs to get back to the psychology of it all. The Ryback heel turn has been a disaster solely because not enough psychology has been put into it. Seeds should have been planted for the turn, not just a blatant attack. It should have been months of Ryback doing heel like things to heels. That would have led to fans becoming concerned about what side he actually is on.
PG is just a rating the WWE just now needs to learn how to evoke emotion and interest in a different way. I for one think this can only happen when they make some much needed changed to the writing staff.

One thought on “WWE PG Era

  1. Your points are valid, but you have to remember one thing…the flow of information and the speed at which its given to the masses must stay fast and fluid as to limit the thinking process. Storys will be told in the same manner pictures are taken..in a flash. the masses will have to make there judgements in a flash based off limited given info. masses must be dumbed down..an those who yearn for the times of old when you were given material which required thought will be dissatisfied hence forward. The music you hear, the shows you watch and the society you ive in all share the same formula…

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