5/3/2013 Dean Ambrose, I believe!


From Cincinnati Ohio…………..Dean Ambrose……..!

Really? That’s great because I live 9 miles south of Cincinnati, So yes he is the hometown boy! Whats not to like? Are you kidding me? He has tore up the indy scene through much of a decade in my opinion and has some great in ring talent. When your talking of a group of guys to have been in the mainstream for roughly 6 months, their domination and destruction isn’t quite what Hogan and the NWO did in the mid 90’s. However its a pretty close 2nd! Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, I mean common they are a total package right? Roman Reigns is the power house of the crew, Seth Rollins is the acrobatic, put your life on the line type….and the leader Dean Ambrose. Can Ambrose cut a promo or what? His voice commands your attention and you listen! Rather you wanna hear it or not you listen to Dean Ambrose and The Shield when they talk! They get it…..They’ve worked hard. Now im not saying others haven’t I just believe The Shield has worked harder. especially to earn the main event type spotlight they have received since their debut. I mean come on. They have taken on Ryback, Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Big Show, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan…plus a few others. They have been dominate and rather the shield is a stable to stay around for a long period or not…I feel Reigns and Rollins will hold the tag team title perhaps after Extreme Rules. Don’t like that idea? Well it’s my opinion! Team Hell No are great….but unfortunately I am seeing Daniel Bryan go solo on a title hunt very soon…so a loss of the tag titles would open that role. As far as Ambrose goes… I’m not sure if a push toward a wwe title or heavyweight title is in his future. Hmm what about US title, or intercontinental?   Now back to will the Shield be together for a long period. I dont know. What I do know is that out of all of them I see Dean Ambrose going the distance and in the next couple years being a top contender/main event-er.


About Jay Jay Michaels

I am an Avid Pro Wrestling fan and critic. I love all sports but I'll leave everything else to those "professionals". From Me you will receive, Pro Wrestling News and also critiques on Television Broadcasted shows. I plan on researching indy promotions from other sources and posting about them as well! Hope you enjoy! Jay Jay Michaels Follow me @GoDeepWrestling

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