Hi Five For The Tribe!!!


The tribe kept their streak going at 5 straight beating the Twins in 10 innings 7-6!!!

Having to battle from behind a couple of times this win was anything but easy for them. They had to come out and fight for this one and keep fighting and show just how bad they wanted this win.

The starting pitching definitely had an impact on how close this game was. If one or the other starters would’ve been at his best it would have gone one way or the other and had been an altogether different ballgame.

Masterson and Hernandez went almost dead locked through their outings both giving up 5 runs on 8 hits. Masterson went 6 2/3 innings striking out 5 and Hernandez went 5 1/3 innings striking out only 2 with a balk and gave up 1 homer. Masterson still in a slump since being 3-0 to start was still able to work out of some jams in the game which is something he hasn’t been able to do as of late so maybe there’s hope yet.

For the batters it was nothing but an uphill battle for them all night. They were down early in the game by 2, then came back to tie it and go up by 2, only later to be down yet again by one. They tied it up at six in the 8th and that’s where it stood until the 10th when Drew Stubbs hit his 3rd double on the night to drive home Aviles for the win!

Stubbs hit for the win but it was Jason Kipnis keeping the teams head above water tonight. Anytime we were down tonight he would bring us back hitting a total of 4 RBIs while doing so. Every time he came up to the plate he had to be thinking- Oh your beating us, not for long- then we would be up again! I dig it! His attitude fell right in with the rest of the team that was you are not beating us, we are going to win this one! For the past week in every game there’s a different batter coming through for the tribe and that is something we needed to happen, if they can keep this cycle up and not lose this momentum even when they lose a game then oh man look out!

The one other thing i liked seeing, being a big fan of his, was seeing Chris Perez after getting 3 good saves already getting his first win on the season and bringing the tribe back to 500 at 13-13!!!  Goooo Tribe!!!


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