What’s with IMPACT Wrestling?

Remember the good old days territory wrestling?  Yeah, me either.  I became a fan of wrestling in 1998, perfect time right?  You had WCW, WWF, and ECW.  I enjoyed WCW mainly because of the cruiserweights and the tag division.  Another plus was that it came on at 7 so it didn’t interfere with my bedtime.  WCW had talking but it managed to showcase more matches than the WWF did.  ECW was just a perfect way to end a week if school, seeing Tommy Dreamer covered in blood just was a great way to start my weekend.  Fast forward 12 years WWE basically has a monopoly on the sports entertainment industry.  Ring of Honor is barely a blip on the radar, and IMPACT wrestling (formerly known as TNA) is the only other company getting a 1.0 rating or higher in television.  IMPACT has been around 11 years now, and with guys like Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, James Storm, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode why is it that they still haven’t much success?  Look at the top if the card.  Bully Ray is the champ, before him it was Jeff Hardy.  Jeff Hardy is IMPACT’s flag bearer.  They rely to much on over the hill talent.  Aces&8 is filled with former WWE talent who never really hit it big.  Bully Ray has been terrific, but he is not a face if a company.  Jeff Hardy isn’t either.  IMPACT has been plagued with wrestlers past their prime for to long.  The problem with IMPACT is that they don’t rely on younger talent.  Once they start relying on their own homegrown talent they’ll be better off.


3 thoughts on “What’s with IMPACT Wrestling?

  1. I sort of agree bro! I think for the past couple of years they have been using former Wwe superstars to pull in crowds. Lets face it, Impact is a little more of a family friendly environment. After the show they have autograph signings. You can pose with a wrestler in the ring for a small price etc. However I agree that TNA use to use the older talents to “push” over the younger superstars in the biz. It has become more of a “legends” of wrestling type thing now in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong I love to see Bully, Angle, Hardy and so on in action still but I believe Impact has defiantly fallen from their roots.

    • You’re right Bully, Angle, and Hardy have really been tearing it up, but D-Von, D-Lo, Mr. Anderson have been boring and the Aces & 8’s angle has been incredibly stale. This is just a piss poor excuse to rehash the NWO. The X Division alone has been better than the majority of WWE matches. IMPACT can compete with the WWE but something major has to be done

      • Correct. However….IMPACT may be able to stand with WWE but they once already put it up against raw….and FAIL! Here’s the thing I see Darryl, I am a wrestling critic, avid viewer, a die hard fan since the mid 80’s I think my parent rented Wrestlemania 1 ppv per view. And from the Nashville Tenn. area grew up with the heartland wrestling association. Where the greats like Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, The rock n Roll express, AbdullahThe Butcher! I remember seeing these guys in the indies wow!! LOL. Anywhoo…when the Monday night war was big…I had trouble watching both of them because I needed it ALL! Every Minute of every show no matter the brand. Raw/Nitro. What Im getting to is IMPACT shouldnt try necessarily try competing with WWE. It should should do its thing like on Thursday night. And then Pick another night of the week. Id love a Saturday night show Myself…off work family time Wrestling on Saturday nights for 2hrs! every force thats came into play with WWE gets knocked over…or bought lol. Impact needs its own thing and stop trying to rip on the same type of story line. The closest thing that will EVER come close to the NWO is The Shield! That is history my friend! And aces and 8’s started before The Shield! Wow love the communication between fellow bloggers its what I need In my life…Someone who “Gets it”. Now I do need to brush up on my TNA just because my scheduled has not allowed me to watch it. And also ROH. Good talk my friend, lets do it again! Hope my blog is good food for thought for you as well!

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