Cheering On The Tribe!


The Indians win streak sadly came to an end yesterday falling to the Twins 4-2. The good part for me was I got to enjoy the game from my cousin Dave’s company suite behind home plate. Free food, free drinks, great view, anytime!

What was catching my eye wasn’t so much the game as it was the crowd again. There were just over 14,000 there, which just blows my mind. I mean it’s a great day weather wise, a Sunday afternoon, ticket and food prices are down, and a team that’s been playing some really great baseball, and that’s all that shows up? I really don’t get it but it is what it is.

Unlike the last time I went to a game the crowd, some of which were rockin sombreros given that it was the 5th of May, got really into the game. Last time anytime something happened that was good the clapping made you think you were at a golf  tournament instead of a baseball game but this time was different. When an Indians player got a hit or had a chance to do some damage they were on their feet cheering. And this was a game didn’t have any of the excitement that the last few have had but it didn’t matter they were still cheering. They were even cheering for themselves a few times like when a  guy caught the homer from the Twins and threw the ball back or when another guy caught a foul and it knocked him back flipping him over his seat. The people were cheering like these were good plays in the game. The guy that just cracked me up was a popcorn vendor that would see somebody eating something other than popcorn and would jokingly yell at them for eating what they were and not popcorn and he would actually sell it that way. Now that’s a salesman, had me rolling. This is the kind of game I like going to. Yeah i wish they would’ve won but even losing the game it makes you feel good  being there when everyone’s getting into it and having a good time and really cheering on the team.

The game itself wasn’t terrible. I mean I know we never had the lead once and we lost but at least we didn’t get shut out or completely crushed. The one exciting part came in the bottom of the 9th after Santana cracked a homer to make it 4-2 they brought out Aviles to pinch-hit with one on. With 3 balls, 2 strikes, and 2 out he cracked one hi and far but it went foul then he struck out swinging. Oh well we’re still a 500 ball club and still paying good ball.

The Indians open up a series playing host to the Oakland As tomorrow. I’ll admit i’m a little nervous about it but i’ll be keeping my head up and cheering on the tribe!


3 thoughts on “Cheering On The Tribe!

  1. Great seats! We had tickets just to the left of you for a game the last time we were in Cleveland, but of course it got rained out.

      • Oh yeah guys I loved those seats! It sucks the game you went to was a rain out Sean I’ve had that happen more than a few times up there. I’m with you too Ryan on the sittin behind 1st I like behind 3rd too!

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