Vikings release punter Chris Kluwe in favor of 5th rounder Jeff Locke


Today, the Vikings decided to go in a different direction, as they released Veteran Punter of 8 1/2 years Chris Kluwe. This move comes to no surprise in the least, since the Vikings drafted UCLA Punter Jeff Locke.  Now we all know what GM Rick Speilman said about how Bringing in Locke was a way of challenging Kluwe and make him work for his job. We all knew that was some straight up BS. Since first of all, you don’t draft a punter, (the best punter in this years class) in the 5th round, if you aren’t going to replace your own punter. If that was truly the reason and the Vikings ended up cutting Locke. That would have made Spielman and the Vikings organization look incredibly foolish, for wasting a 5th round pick on a punter. When at that point in time. You still had good quality talent still on the board.  Also, that type of move is something that GM’s can get fired over easily. Now this move was because of a multitude of things. such as Kluwe age, (31 years old) a business decision, that, thanks to the Vikings cutting him. They were able to save about 1.4 million in salary and a performance Issue.

If we look back at the stats, Kluwe has been dropping off in terms of production. Now, even though Kluwe has done a personal best in terms of Net punting average (39.7 yards)  Kluwe’s punting distance is another story being that he is near the bottom and it was becoming obvious, that he was losing leg strength. He also was near the bottom in pinning people inside the 20 yard line, which is something that is needed for a punter to do and in Kluwe’s Prime. That is what he did best.

Now before some of you also come out and point out his off the field antics with the use of social media. Some of those things include: trashing talking, sticking it to Rodger Goodell during the lockout, Gay rights, and other topics. I truly believe all of that stuff, had very little to no effect on his standing with the Vikings. Under the Speilman and Frazier administration. They encourage players to speak their minds and be their own men. As long as they give it their all on the field. They are aloud to do what they want, with in reason. As long as what they’re doing doesn’t interfere with their play on the football field and that they are representing the Vikings organization with pride. Now with everything that has gone down and with his release. I was somewhat surprised with how classy Kluwe has been thought the whole situation.

When it was being reported that He was gone. Kluwe sent out a phew tweets that showed his class, and the wittiness that we’ve all come to expect from Warcraft.

<blockquote><p>So long, Minnesota, and thanks for all the fish!</p>&mdash; Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) <a href=”″>May 6, 2013</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

<blockquote><p>Thank you to all the fans, my teammates, and the Wilf family for the past 8.5 years. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.</p>&mdash; Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) <a href=”″>May 6, 2013</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote><p>And thank you everyone for your support. Remember, one label does not define who you are as a person :)</p>&mdash; Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) <a href=”″>May 6, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Now, Like Winfield. You will be missed Kluwe. Good luck in whatever the future holds for you and we have to end this with a  Vikings solute. SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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