What I Learned at the Start of Round Two


So here’s what I’ve gathered after game one in round two of the NBA Playoffs. The first things I gathered is based off two posts I made earlier. One was about the media bullying Manti Te’o and I had a discussion with fellow sports blog Sideline Mob about how fans can also be bullies. This led me to write about angry “Heat” or bandwagon LeBron fans who bullied Dan Le Batard on twitter. Well I made a tweet to Stacy King who went on to retweet my post about being a true Bulls fan by staying up all night reliving the Bulls win over the Nets. Right after that, I got trolled by some guy who went on to say that’s how you know you’re a nerd. Now to me that seemed a little unnecessary to say but I ignored it to seem like the bigger man. Then one of my followers said something by tweeting the troll telling him to back off. Then the Twitter troll went on to pull a Revis Isle and compare our followers. That’s when I stepped in comparing him to Revis and thanking him for the retweet. I also said that all that matters to me is the dedicated fans that read my blog, so thank you to all who read. In the end I learned that there are simply just those out there who like to troll and bully and sometimes the best thing to do is ignore them…or block them.


Was anyone else bored to death by the obnoxiously long Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial that keeps running? Anyway I believe I over valued Westbrook, I thought for sure that with him out Durant would run himself into the ground, like Kobe at the end of the regular season. This wasn’t really the case, but the Thunder need something. I don’t believe they can win this series if they have to rely on last minute game saving shots. The Thunder got lucky in game one, the real test is tonight. Another factor is how well Ibaka will be able to defend Gasol and Randolph. My prediction is Memphis wins in six.


So this was a complete surprise to me and once again I overrated something, in this case it was the Knicks as a whole. The Knicks didn’t really look impressive in round one, even though Cermello was able to finally break out of his playoff slump. I don’t know if they came into the game cocky and pumped or if they just couldn’t get past the trees on the other side of the court. The Pacers are huge and they have depth, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be unstoppable crashing the board, because that’s where the Knicks defense is lacking. It also doesn’t help that the Knicks rely on sharpshooting and jumpers and that the Pacers are the number one team in rebounding. The Knicks can’t have any missed shots because they’ll easily be turned into points. My prediction the Knicks in seven.


In a game between heart and talent it was heart the pulled off the win in the end. So obviously there’s nothing wrong with the Bulls but there’s something obviously wrong with the Heat. Now I’m a Bulls fan but I’m also an analyst and a blogger. I could sit here and ramble about how good the Bulls are if I wanted but that’s the problem I don’t think they’re that good. I’m part realist, Dwayne Wade was just awful at his free throws, and they may have been the game changing points if he would’ve made them. LeBron also did not score as much as he usually does so what exactly was wrong? Rust…maybe. Cockiness…possibly. Lack of talent…highly unlikely. I can’t really say what went wrong but something did, sorry Bulls fans I wouldn’t get too excited. Sadly this first game means nothing for this series. I will say this though about the Bulls. Nate Robinson tore up the court, lost a tooth, and played like a possessed basketball player from hell. The Bulls need to find a way to keep this guy. I’m going to go with The Heat in this series in six games.


The Spurs and Warriors series is like a mirror image of the other Western conference game. The team everyone thinks is better the Spurs/Thunder just can’t handle the team with upcoming hidden super stars like the Grizzlies/Warriors. The Spurs are the only team in the West that can take the Heat but they may not even make it out of round two. It took the Spurs two OTs to win, not a good look for game one. I may be picking more with my heart in this one but I’m predicting the Spurs to win in five.


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