Batter Revenge? Nope Just a Freak Accident

Happ’s frightening injury Tuesday night at Tropicana Field left players on both teams shaken and revived questions about whether Major League Baseball is doing enough to protect pitchers who often find themselves in harm’s way on the mound.

”There are always close calls,” Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. ”It wakes you up, man – that’s for sure.”

Happ was hit squarely on the left side of his head by Desmond Jennings’ second-inning liner during Toronto’s 6-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The left-hander was immobilized on a backboard, lifted onto a stretcher and wheeled off the field. He was taken to Bayfront Medical Center, where the Blue Jays said he was alert and undergoing tests.


3 thoughts on “Batter Revenge? Nope Just a Freak Accident

  1. Wow man that’s something you just don’t like to see but it is something that happens. Hope he comes out of it alright.

  2. I know man I had to turn watchin it. I want to know why the catcher got up like he was gonna run to him and then just stopped?

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