Bulls vs. Heat: Can Chicago Win Game 2?

Great article but I must disagree with Sideline Mob, and I’m a BUlls fan. I love my Bulls and even though vaild points are made in this post there are also factor against the Bulls. Dwayne Wade is like lightning he only strikes once in one spot and two days ago he did not strike tonight he will. Robinson is a beast with the ball, but he often plays too much hero ball to help the team, he’s no leader like Kirk Hinrich. Boozer wasn’t the offensive power he usually is, so he’ll probably be out for some of this game. I’d agree with Sideline Mob if this game was in Chicago but it’s not.
My prediction: Heat:103 vs Bulls 91

Sideline Mob

Can Chicago Win Game 2?

The Miami Heat had over a week of rest heading into Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals after dismantling the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round. The Chicago Bulls had just finished off a rigorous series with the Brooklyn Nets, culminating in a Game 7 road win. Chicago was without Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, and an ailing Luol Deng. The entire Miami Heat team was healthy. The Bulls were starting their third-string backcourt. So the outcome was obvious.

Chicago Bulls 93, Miami Heat 86. Wait, what?

Led by rugged interior defense and larger-than-life performances by Nate Robinson and Jimmy Butler, the Bulls stunned the home crowd in Miami and stole Game 1 from the Heat, who were 41-2 over their last 43 games. The Bulls allowed LeBron James to have his usual solid game (24 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists), but held…

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