The SEC Network Effect


With the recent announcement of the highly anticipated SEC Network, the big bad SEC just got a whole lot stronger.  This is great if you are an SEC fan, but if you are one of the millions who are tired of seeing the SEC dominate football and sometimes basketball, you aren’t going to like this acquisition.  The SEC, like the Big 10 just got RICH.  Filthy rich as a matter of fact, this is all due to the fact that the network will be sold to markets all across America, as a part of your basketball cable package, or the enhanced cable package.  So for every person who subscribes to cable or enhanced cable, depending on how the network is written into your package, the SEC and its schools will all get a portion of the subscription fee.  Each month we all pay ESPN $5 bucks a month as a part of our cable package; we just don’t know that part goes to ESPN.  We give The Lifetime Channel a buck even if we never click on the channel.  Now anyone who has the SEC network will be giving a cut to all the schools, regardless if they ever watch a game or not on it.

What does this mean?  It is estimated that each school could gain up to $30 million dollars annually, just from the SEC network.  This is not including ticket sales, merchandise sales, just the network revenue!  In turn Alabama could someday pay Saban $10 million, or UK could pay Calipari $10 million.  Not to mention stadium and facility upgrades, bigger salaries for assistant coaches.  Hate it or love it…. The SEC just got stronger.


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