Two Signs Turn And Fire


For over a week now the Indians batting and pitching have both been without a doubt on the rise. The pitching though has been shadowed by the hitting that has been so dominating but that wasn’t the case in last nights game against the As when the pitching came out for a well deserved solo moment in the spotlight!

The match up between Zach McAllister and Tommy Milone couldn’t have been a better one for the two starters. After two 3 up 3 down innings for each the tumbleweeds were blowing and the duel was on! The 3rd and 4th innings would see each team getting only one runner aboard with both failing to score. The loan score would come in the bottom of the 5th as the As on one play collected 2 errors allowing Santana to get to 2nd and later score off a Yan Gomes sac fly.

McAllister going on for the win (3-3) went 7 2/3 innings allowing 5 hits and 4 strikeouts with 0 runs. He did unfortunately give the games only walk.

Hill came out and finished out the 8th with a ground out. Chris Perez came out for the 9th and there was one nail biting moment with Cepedes on 1st, one out and Moss batting, Cepedes tried to steal 2nd only to be thrown out from a perfect bullet thrown by catcher Yan Gomes! Perez then struck out Moss ending the game and giving him his 4th save on the season! The As had 5 batters reach base and none of them made it to 2nd base!


I gotta tip my hat to the As starter Tommy Milone. I mean here is a guy going up against a team that has won 7 of their last 8 games and have out scored their opponents 62-21 not to mention now leading in home runs and he never backed down! Shutting down the red hot tribe batters for 7 innings allowing them only 5 hits, striking out five, walking 0 and holding the Indians to their single unearned run. Wow! Unfortunately that one unearned run was the decider in this ball game and he took the loss. He’s now 3-4 on the season. Even with the loss this guy pitched a great ballgame.

I like seeing the high scoring games or home run games lately but i gotta say last nights game, although low scoring and hitting, was still just as exciting as the other ones. Seeing both starting pitchers on their A games and having no leads to work with really kept me into the game. I mean you really didn’t know from one pitch to the next which way this game would go!

Both teams are now 2 above 500 and will battle it out again for the 3rd of this 4 game series!   Goooooo Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!


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