I Hate Fans Like This


Here’s how one spectator reacted when Bulls center Joakim Noah was ejected in the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game at AmericanAirlines Arena, Fla., on Wednesday night. The bird-flipping woman was presumably pleased with the game’s result: It was the biggest postseason win in Miami Heat history, and the biggest postseason loss in Chicago Bulls history.

Was this really necessary? Why do fans need to do things like this? You were ahead by 30 points as it is. There have been a lot of  iggnorant and stupid fan moments this week, is there a full moon? Hey Fancard, this lady should probably get her fan card revoked as well.


6 thoughts on “I Hate Fans Like This

  1. This is a “gots to go situation.” You can’t be yelling AT YOUR OWN TEAM like that. He’s played so hard this season and for a fan to flip him off is disgraceful

    • lol funny, but valid point I found this very disrespectful. I don’t care how much of a “Heat” fan you are, as I’m sure this woman is probably a LeBron fan. I’m an intense fan, I stand whenever my team makes a big play, I yell across the field even though I’m sure they can’t hear me, and sometime I throw something at the ground when my team screws up on tv. This is something I’d never do I have great respect for athletes.

  2. Reblogged this on Fan Card and commented:
    I understand the intensity fans show in the playoffs, but this woman needs to calm down. Your team destroyed the Bulls by double digits. They are going to win the next three. Sit down. Shut up. And don’t disrespect the players doing their job.

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