It’s Now Or Never For Derrick Rose

Some more Derrick Rose news for all you Chicago Bulls hopefuls out there. This post is from the Hang Time Blog on | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=channels/tnt_overtime/2013/05/05/]


MIAMI – The Derrick Rose Watch is in its final hours, so all that huffing and puffing that the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat heaped onto Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series at AmericanAirlines Arena wasn’t all for naught.

It served to move Wednesday night closer to Thursday morning, which gets everything more quickly to Friday’s Game 3 tipoff, the point at which this long rehabilitative sideshow ends once and for all. Either the Bulls’ injured point guard goes for something Hollywood and steps through the darkness onto the court at United Center to a booming embrace … or he emerges again after another pregame shooting session in a suit and sits his way straight into the offseason.

Truly, it is now or it is never. There can be no middle ground.

The “never” part of…

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