Bourn Again


Tomorrow night tribe players and fans will be welcoming back center fielder and lead off hitter Michael Bourn. Bourn has been on the DL since April 14th when he lacerated his right index finger sliding into first base. If you haven’t seen the slow motion replay of it check it out it was bad.

On april 25th he got his stitches out and started batting practice then was sent down on a rehab assignment to triple A Columbus saying ” I just want to get a couple of games under my belt before i step out on the big league field. I’ll just see some pitches and try to get my timing back as quick as i can.” In Columbus Tuesday he went 7 innings going 1-3 with a walk and a stolen base. On wednesday he went 0-4.

In the 10 games before his injury he was batting .333 on 15 hits, 2 homers, 4 doubles, a triple, 2 RBIs, and an OBP of .375. So what does this mean for this ball club that in his absence have become one of the hottest in the league? In my opinion it sure can’t hurt. Manager Terry Francona said, “We don’t know if we’d have been better or not because a lot of it goes to if a guy is hot in a short period of time.” He goes on to say, “I do know that over the course of a long period of time being without him would certainly affect us.

Francona didn’t want to rush bringing Bourn back into the line up saying that they would wait till he felt he could play which is something i think the tribe had a major problem with in the past with Sizemore another center fielder lead off hitter. I think they were rushing him back into play and every time he came back he got hurt again.

In any case Bourn is going to have his work cut out for him. Coming back tomorrow night against the Motown Tigers who after being swept by the Angles have gone 10-3. I really don’t think Bourn will have any trouble settling back into the lineup. If anything I think it’ll give him a boost with all the other players hitting well. We’ll just have to see!


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