Come on Umps!


Here we go with the umpires again. What is this the 3rd or 4th time this week? In last nights game between the Angels and Astros it wasn’t a call from play or replay but a call of the rules.

It went something like this. In the 7th inning the Angels had runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 out, the Astros had just brought out lefty Wright to the mound then Angels manager Mike Scioscia decides to bring out Jimenez a right hander to pinch-hit in place of left hander Shuck. Simple enough right? Wrong. Astros manager Bo Porter sees this and decides to change pitchers and bring out right hand thrower Ambriz. Now Wright has been out throwing warm up pitches but hasn’t faced a batter yet.  Mike Scioscia sees this and goes out and tells the umpires that he’s making an illegal pitching change.

The rules say a pitcher must face at least one hitter before he can come out unless he’s hurt. Porter believes that if you bring out a pinch-hitter you have the right to change pitchers.

“Yes Wright has to face the hitter that’s scheduled to hit.” He said after.” The hitter that was scheduled to hit had now been pinch-hit for which now gives me the right to bring a pitcher in to face the pinch-hitter.”

I was listning to this game when this happened and even the announcers were confused as to why the umpires were letting them change pitchers. It to me sounds like the umpires just didn’t know so they took Porters interpretation of the rule and went with that.

In any case the Angels came back to win the game but the protest wasn’t for nothing i’m looking forward to seeing how they explain the ruling from now on. A spokesman for MLB said the call was not applied correctly and that the matter is being reviewed.


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