Ronde Barber calls it a career


(One of the greatest leaders in football history)

Yesterday, Tampa bay buccaneers cornerback/safety  Ronde Barber decided to call it a day and retired after 16 successful seasons in the NFL. Now last season in general for the bucs, it wasn’t the best season for the team, as they got beaten up pretty good, however like Ronde stated in his retirement speech. “we got beaten up pretty good this last season, but it was still fun…. I was glad to come into work everyday.”  This sentiment can be shared with by many now retired players, and with tears in his eyes Ronde concluded that at the end of the day, that football got all it could out of him and he got all he could get out of football and that he couldn’t get as enthused, to get back into football shape, as he did in the past. another reason for this decision was due to the fact he knew the team was heading in the youth direction and Barber probably wouldn’t see the playing time, that he got the last few years. In the end this was probably the right time to bow out, even though I still think he could have played for another year or two at a high level. Both sides are leaving each other on good terms.

The Bucs got insurance by acquiring Darrelle  Revis and pairing up Dashon Goldson with Mark Barron, then adding draft pick Johnathan Banks. The Bucs secondary was looking like they be in good hands and Barbers position would have probably been in a back up role and being the competitor that Barber has always been, that probably wouldn’t have been something he would have liked. However, even if he would have come back in just a backup role, he probably would have been still very useful. I still am of the belief that if you can get them to agree. bring back the vet, in order to help teach and mentor the younger guys on the team. If the Bucs were able to sell Barber on that idea, this team would be set on defense for a good while. The knowledge this guy has would be incredibly valuable to a guy like Banks to learn from a man with Ronde’s frame of work. Nothing against Revis, because he is a great corner as well, but you cant argue with Ronde’s experience and frame of work with: 20 sacks, 40+ int’s, over 1,000 tackles in his career, his toughness, having started 215 consecutive games in a row, and his great tackling ability.

Now speaking of his resume, if Barber doesn’t make it into the Hall of fame as a first year ballot, which I kinda fear will happen and it may be quite awhile before he gets his rightful place in the NFL hall of fame, because of how underrated he is. Like Chris Carter’s late arrival, I’ll be shaking my head with disgust. A guy with Ronde’s class, drive, determination, and amazing resume, in my eyes. Screams Hall of famer. Hopefully we wont have to wait long, to hear his name being inducted into the Hall of fame, but I suppose only time will tell. Good luck in the future Ronde. You will sorely be missed in the NFL. Now for a Tribute video I found of him and his successful career.


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