Through the looking glass


Well where to begin after sitting here for another disappointed loss for the Chicago Bulls in game three. I guess as a life long fan it’s extremely hard to watch a team your so proud of be beaten down to such a pulp. The rag tag bulls are in reality fighting a uphill battle against the Miami Heat, but does that mean that they can’t win? Without Deng and Heinrich to play solid defense and distribute the ball it is starting to look like this will be over in six games. But enough ranting, the only question remains. Why hasn’t Rose been shut down yet? If there is no intention to play why tease us? Why with the day to day reporting and the cryptic answers from Thibs? I mean looking back did what Reggie mentioned about the bulls a true reflection of his brother’s thoughts deep down inside? I mean as the superstar saying your gonna come back means that it instills hope in the not only the team but the fan base. I guess what this really is. At it’s heart is a disappointed Bulls fan that does nothing but believe and has watched the entire fan base crumble and question the most beloved Athlete in Chicago since Micheal Jordan. All that can be said after watching this last game from the depleted Chicago Bulls…. Is maybe next year


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