Andrew Wiggins – The best prospect since Lebron could announce college choice Tuesday

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins name starts to buzz around the scouts that are there to get their first glimpse at the talent.  When speaking of Wiggins, the Lebron James comparison gets thrown out there.  Not that he is the same size or build of Lebron James, simply that Wiggins could be the best high school recruit of the last 10 years.

Wiggins is very unselfish in the scrimmages and doesn’t try to force anything, but when he gets in transition, he shows that he can fly.  Wiggins could be the next transcending player in college bball.  He could have the Jordan effect, that still benefits UNC till this day.

It is likely he will finally pick his college on Tuesday.  He has not enjoyed the recruiting process one bit, he is a very low-key kid and doesn’t like to tell anyone no.  I believe his parents will pick the college just as much as he will.  The finalist are:  Kentucky, FSU, Kansas and UNC.

I personally believe it is between UK and FSU.  Although Kansas and UNC are said to be right there in the running.  Truth is.. NOBODY knows anything.  If they tell you otherwise, they are lying.  His parents have a connection to FSU (former athletes) but why isn’t his brother at FSU (he’s at Wichita State). Kansas is close to Wichita State but they’re also an Adidas school, and its well-known Wiggins runs with Nike.  UNC is the wildcard, I think Wiggins wants to go to UK but I don’t know if his parents want him to, UNC could be the school they settle on.  None of the UK people are optimistic, which is odd but maybe they will have the last laugh… or cheer.   Hopefully, on Tuesday we find out who the most talked about player in college bball will be suiting up for next year.


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