Who Slacked in the 2013 Playoffs


I mean was there even a sighting for any of the following players? Do they still play in the NBA because they didn’t show up in the playoffs at all. Jennings put pressure on himself by predicting a Milwaukee upset of the mighty Heat in six games. Instead, he helped fulfill everyone else’s prediction, a quick sweep by the Heat. His shooting was less than 30 percent in the series and averaging nearly as many turnovers (2.8) as assists (4.0). That’s what happens when you take as many shots as Kobe but you’re not at the same skill level as Kobe.


Now Jeremy Lin may have been invisible due to the arrival of James Harden. It was a bummer when Lin missed the Knicks’ 2012 playoffs with a knee injury. So the inspirational point guard’s first appearance in the playoffs came this year with the Rockets. Lin was sidelined by a chest contusion, and ended up averaging 4.0 points on 25 percent shooting with eight assists, eight turnovers and nine fouls in four forgettable games.


Smith worked hard trying to rehabilitate his image this year by being a consistent scorer and good citizen. Sadly the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year has returned to his old foolish ways in the postseason. His violent elbow to Jason Terry’s head earned Smith a one-game suspension in the first round. Not to mention he’s missed 44 of his last 59 shots.


Dwight Howard was disappointing all year but this article is actually about the playoffs so I’m referring to just the playoffs in this article. Howard had to dominate Tim Duncan. He defiantly did not. LA’s overrated center put up pathetic numbers for the so-called “best” big man in the NBA. The Lakers lost every game by double digits. It was an appropriate conclusion for Howard, who was ejected from the final game.


Even before he sprained an ankle before Game 5, Griffin was getting schooled by Zach Randolph, a power forward with a fraction of Griffin’s athleticism but twice his skill and savvy. But is Chris Paul willing to wait on Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers’ even more immature center who was a complete nonfactor against the Grizzlies? The franchise’s future depends on it.


2 thoughts on “Who Slacked in the 2013 Playoffs

  1. The funny thing about Lin’s early post season exit, was that it actually helped the Rockets extend the series. Patrick Beverly played way better than Lin had, and presumably would have even if he had stayed healthy. Also in reference to Howard, I can’t deny the ejection is a universal no no for star players, but he really was without any help at all from the Lakers guards (who all got injured) or Mike D’Antoni’s coaching.

    • I agree Lin’s exit did help the Rockets I’ll agree with you there. Beverly was much better than Lin, in the regular season as well. Lin was kind of just a flash in the pan. You’re also right about Howard, but Howard was a disappointment all year, not just in the post season. He was the star the Lakers wanted and he simply did not live up to it. If you’re a star you need to step-up over adversity no matter the circumstances and he didn’t. He may not be all to blame but when you’re the player the media talks about, you’re going to be the one who gets the blame.

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