Countdown: Capital Colts @ Brandenburg Patriots

American Football is a growing fad. As baseball slowly dies out as the American pass time football has steam rolled its way in and is slowly growing globally. I played semi-pro football in my local area when I lived in Milwaukee. It’s great to see other’s enjoy the spirit of the game. Football is growing in popularity in Germany as well and one team is getting a lot of local praise, the Capital Colts. For those of you who do not speak German I have translated the article below.

On 19 May 2013, it’s that time again: The 2013 Season is in the third round of the Capital Colts from Berlin. This time we will be hosted by the Patriots in Brandenburg an der Havel.

The Patriots have emerged from the former team of the “Teltow FA Jets” contest this year and their first season in the State League East.

The first two games of the year were the Patriots due to lack of game experience not decide for themselves. Great credit to the team is that they have, despite the two defeats each with more than 90 goals against, do not lose heart and the fun of football. This proves true will and fighting spirit.

It is this indomitable will is there, this team has a lot of respect and a reason these opponents should not be underestimated.

The Capital Colts are looking forward to a motivated opponent and fair play on 19 May 2013 at 14:00 hours at the Patriots in Brandenburg an der Havel.

The exact address and all other Schedules of Capital Colts can be found here.


I’m predicting the Colts to win, as it’s always hard for a new team to start off successful, look at the Baltimore Ravens for the first few years. This was originally posted by captiolcolts. Great blog, is you’re interested in learning more I suggest you follow.


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