More Stupid Fans in the News, This Time it’s Soccer


Turkey’s state-run news agency says a Fenerbahce fan was stabbed to death by two Galatasaray supporters after a derby between the two rivals in Istanbul.

The news agency says that the 20-year-old Burak Yildirim was fatally stabbed while on his way back home from the game late Sunday. The report, citing CCTV footage, said two people wearing Galatasaray clothes stabbed Yildirim in the heart at a bus stop.

The report said Istanbul police have launched a man hunt for the attackers after establishing their identities.

And I though Miami Heat fans were crazy, but this…this is crazy. Soccer fans have heart and passion, to bad it’s uncontrolled heart and passion.


2 thoughts on “More Stupid Fans in the News, This Time it’s Soccer

  1. Hooligans man, those guys are crazy! I know a few of the sort when it comes to soccer and yeah! It does make the flipping the bird lady look kind of tame though.

    • I just don’t get over emotional fans, It make’s me afraid to go to a different stadium and root for a team I like. I mean there were even stabbings after Jets games. I just don’t understand what makes someone want to do this.

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