Nail Biter 9th


All of us baseball fans have had these moments where your team is up or tied then in the bottom of the 9th it seems like any pitch now it’s going to fall apart. Granted not a big deal game and it may only mean a win or a lose but it still makes you go, come on guys what are you doing? Last nights Indians Tigers game was one of them for me.

The tribe batters came out and shut down Tiger starter Justin Verlander in just 5 innings! He allowed 4 runs (3 earned) and 5 walks against 7 strikeouts, throwing 110 pitches in just those 5 innings. Verlander is now the 6th former Cy Young award winner the tribe has beat this season!

For the Indians Jimenez went a strong 6 innings for the win. Winning his last 3 starts he went from being 0 and 2 to 3 and 2 on the season! He allowed 1 run, a Jhonny Peralta homer in the 3rd, 3 hits, 1 walk, and 8 strikeouts.

When Jimenez was no longer pitching in the 7th is when things started to look bad for the tribe. At this point they have a 6-1 lead. But not for long. With combined pitching from Hagadone and Allen the tigers were able to rack up 4 runs off 2 hits with no strike outs cutting the lead just that quick to 6-5.

Getting 1 more run in the 8th but going 1,2,3 in the 9th it left closer Chris Perez with only a 2 point lead to work with. Not exactly a comfortable spot facing the tigers. But after striking out Peralta it looked like Perez had a good handle on things. Not so! 1 error, a single, and a forceout later Hunter singles bringing in a run. Now of all people Perez is facing Miguel Cabrera with runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 out and a 7-6 score. A hit now could tie and or win the game for the tigers. Perez pitched to a full count which didn’t settle the nerves any but luckly got Cabrera to hit into a ground out and get him his 6th save on the season!

The Indians have now jumped a 1/2 game over the Royals which means They’ll be fighting for a tie in the top spot with the Tigers this afternoon with McAllister on the mound!


5 thoughts on “Nail Biter 9th

      • Oh yeah I’m so excited for the tribe! I’m listning to the first game with the yankees right now! Their 12 for 14 they lost the first game with the Tigers but it was their 4th series in a row won! I’m cheering on the brews for ya now too my man! They can turn it around!

      • Thanks, I was rooting for them while multi watching Game 3 for the Bulls vs Heat. Axford finally did something, even though he loaded the bases. They could’ve won that game. They should be able to handle the Pirates anyway. I wish I had Indian games on around me, I saw one game this year. What station do you listen to, to listen to the game?

  1. Nice! I hope they stomp the Pirates man! Here the indians are on am 1100 or fm104.5 I also got mlb at bat on my phone so I can listen to any game anywhere!

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