What’s Happening in the NFC South


In Atlanta:

Julio Jones has had strong performances against the other NFC South teams, and he was just as good against the rest of the NFL during his first two seasons. NFC South defensive backfields just haven’t been anywhere close to stellar for a while. Tampa Bay, Carolina and New Orleans all have made moves in their secondary this offseason, but I doubt any of that will be enough to really slow Jones.

In Carolina:

Fullback Eric Breitenstein, is trying out with the Panthers during this weekend’s minicamp. Like every tryout player, Breitenstein is a long shot. But a long-shot fullback from a nearby college once was an incredible success story for the Panthers. That was Brad Hoover, who had a long and productive career in Carolina. That doesn’t mean the same thing while happen for Breitenstein, but anything is possible, right?

In New Orleans:

I wish there was something to share here about the New Orleans’ rookie camp, but I can’t. The Saints closed their camp to the media. That’s the team’s prerogative. But it seems to me the only people impacted by this are the members of a die-hard fan base who love to see anything that’s written about their favorite team. All I know is that this team is not going to be the same Saints team we saw last year. Defense. Defense. Defense.

In Tampa Bay:

As he announced his retirement, Ronde Barber was asked who could step up and fill the leadership void. He pointed to the great defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. I think McCoy already has been a pretty good leader; he has a vocal personality and he came up as one of the best players on the team in 2012. But, with Barber gone, it’s time for McCoy to step forward even more. Hope he can.


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening in the NFC South

  1. I believe the division will be better this season. I see the Buccaneers, Saints, and Panthers all stepping their games up in an effort to dethrone the Falcons.
    I’m a little partial to the Bucs getting it done.

    • I must agree, Cam Newton was great last year, helped my fantasy team a lot but he was just over shadowed by everything else last year that he wasn’t noticable. With Sean Payton back you know the Saints will look completely different, and I love Doug Martin he helped my fantasy team A LOT! Freeman is changing year by year and their new aggressive play style should hopefully make them better. The Falcons will still lead the Division though.

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