Andrew Wiggins College Announcement Tuesday 5/14 12:15 PM EST

As reported in my previous post, Andrew Wiggins is ready to make his college decision.  Andrew Wiggins, considered the best high school basketball player since LeBron James, could shift the NCAA basketball landscape when he announces his college decision Tuesday, choosing between four programs with little TV-centered theatrics.

“This kid is even better than advertised when you see him in person,” college basketball analyst Dick Vitale said by phone Monday of Wiggins, the American Family Insurance ALL-USA Player of the Year. “He fits into the category of LeBron James as a high school player we’ve never seen before because of his explosiveness.”

Florida State, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina are candidates to land the 6-8 Canadian forward from Huntington (W.Va.) Prep.

I personally feel the decision is between FSU and UK in that order with Kansas as the dark horse.  However, Andrew did say he doesn’t want to go to summer classes, so that might give UNC the advantage since their guys don’t always go to classes right?  In all honesty, I like everyone else have NO clue.  I am a documented UK fan and I am trying to help UK fans brace for bad news.  Most UK experts have been very quiet and have never felt optimistic about him with him coming to UK.  He does not like media attention, he’s a low-key guy, but he wants to WIN.  He could join the greatest recruiting class in college basketball history if he chooses UK.  UK is an NBA team if Wiggins comes to UK.  Now the argument for FSU:  His parents both attended Florida State and this is where they want him to be.  His high school teammate is committed to FSU, he could be the Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony of FSU.  I will say this BBN if he does not come to UK, we want him at FSU because their upside would be Sweet 16, if they get in the tourney.  If he goes to Kansas or UNC they are title contenders.  Tomorrow while your eating lunch be sure to check out where the next big thing is going…..


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2 thoughts on “Andrew Wiggins College Announcement Tuesday 5/14 12:15 PM EST

  1. I’d love to see this kid in Kentucky, since Kentucky is my SEC team. They were a little slack this year , which was disappointing considering how many great young players they got. I expect a good team to come out of it next year. I kind of have to agree with you though, I’m feeling that FSU is most likely be where Wiggins will go.

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