Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wong! Spring Cleaning Edition


Where Ryan Was Right: The Grizzlies Bullying the Thunder

The lights came on and the whistle blew for overtime to start. The Thunder had looked fatigued the entire game. Then it came down to the last few minutes and the Grizzlies showed that they intended to defend the home court and take a 3-1 lead over the Thunder. The Grizzles held off the Thunder 103-97 Monday night to push the defending Western Conference champions to the edge of elimination.

”It’s not over yet, and we understand that,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. ”It’s the first to four. They’re in a good position, but our challenge is not impossible. It’s something that we can do. We just have to focus one possession, one game at a time. Hopefully, we can do that and come back here Friday night. There’s a barbeque festival right?”

The Thunder are missing something, is it Westbrook? Is it no James Harden? They just don’t appear to be a complete team. Kevin Durant is taking on the role of Kobe Bryant and the Thunder are playing just like the disfunctional Lakers team. They may be bounced out in game 5 at home.

Kevin Durant scored 27 points but missed all five of his shots in the extra period, including a layup in the final seconds. Durant went 2 of 13 in the fourth quarter and overtime and had only five points. He did score on a driving layup that forced overtime. But the All Star played 48 minutes and was just short on his shots as the game wore on.


Where Ryan Was Wrong: The Spurs Winning in 5

The big three for the Spurs, at leat to me, looked good to go. Though now it’s not quite looking that way. Golden State’s rising stars are coming out and just dominating the floor. The Spurs often looked dazzed as the Warriors continued to rack up leads forcing the Spurs to play catch-up. I knew I was picking with my heart and not my head when I made this pick, I won’t be doing that again.


Where Ryan was Perfect: Heatwave too Hot for the Bulls

My motto for this series will always be “Heart won game one, but talent won the next four.” I don’t know how the Bulls won game one, but they did and sadly that was the only thing they had going for them as the Heat continue to play physical with the Bulls.

Say what you want, bad officiating, flops, Stern interfering, whatever. The Heat are playing beautiful basketball and the Bulls are looking like the dirty team with the lack of skill. Nate Robinson and Joakim Noah have been the story for the Bulls.

”We worked for it,” said Heat forward Chris Bosh. ”I never like to say that things are easy.”

The Heat sure made it look that way, though. The Heat have also been pretty even, despite James and Wade not looking like their regular season selves. Cole has stepped up his game though and has been racking up the points.

After watching this series I’ve been wondering if the Bulls even deserved to be in Round 2. That said, this all came from a big Bulls supporter. I’m still cheering for them in Game 5, lets make it happen Bulls.


Where Ryan was Way Wrong: Brew Crew Sweep the Reds, Ha!

Well I had predicited the Milwaukee Brewers to win all their games against the Reds, but that didn’t quite happen. They lost all their games, and the last two games were just embarrassing to watch. The Brewers have lost 8 of their last 10 games, what happened to the 8 game win streak from last month? Hopefully the series against the Pirates will be the turning point.

Some Quick Rights and Wrongs

I was right about the tall Pacers causing trouble for the Knicks, but I still think the Knicks will win, it’ll just take all 7 games to do it.

I was right about Ubaldo Jiménez being able to hold his own against the Tigers, and he did just that.

Lastly I was wrong about the new Manager choice for Manchester United. I really wanted José Mourinho, but I suppose David Moyes is alright.


10 thoughts on “Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wong! Spring Cleaning Edition

  1. As to the Thunder vs Grizzlies, how much do you think OKC is regretting resigning Ibaka instead of Harden. My question is, what is the formula for winning in the NBA playoffs? Is it pure shooting like Golden State? Tough defense would good big men like Memphis? Or I guess more likely like the Heat who are killer with both? I’m a Nuggets fan and I guess I’m curious what the formula is and if the Nuggs will go out and figure it out this off season.

    • Very good question, I’m a Nuggets Supporter too by the way. I’m so upset they didn’t make it out of the first round. Now onto question number one, I’d like to say the Thunder’s front office, like most front offices, are not going to admit they miss Harden. But look at them play, Durant is being run into the ground because he has to make up for the loss of Westbrook, it’s like Kobe Bryant all year or Howard in the playoffs, he’s getting no help from no one. As for the key to success in the playoffs there’s always the age old saying you need a Super Star, but it’ll probably be hard for the Nuggets to get one, in my opinion that’s the only thing they’re missing. Also it’ll be a difficult season for the Nuggets next year since they’re losing Igudola. The Nuggets have a good formula down, they rebound very well, they can make 3 point shots, they’re excellent at home, and they’re paint scoring is getting better. I honestly think it’s just where you’re matched-up. The Heat are a prime example they got to play the Bucks and the injured Bulls. I think the outcome might’ve varied if the Heat played the Celtics for example. The Nuggets got stuck playing their worst nightmare, a team with good shooters, the nuggets aren’t known for defense so that’s a priority for the offseason. Also Bogot just so happened to appear just when the Nuggets could’ve won the series. I’d say matchups are a good factor and defense, you can’t let teams get runs on you.

  2. Hmmm ya I suppose they just had tough luck losing Westbrook and I think they and everyone else has figured out just how much Westbrook really means to the team. Such a strange deal though that they would resign a shot blocker over a scorer but clearly they decided they wanted defense more. As for the Nuggets, you really think Iguodala is gone? Do the Nuggs trade for Kevin Love? If so, who do they package? McGee and Faried? So many questions for the Nuggets but I’d say number one is signing a shooter like Redick or Korver. Also, please please please get rid of Andre Granny shot Miller.

    • Well Igudola announced he wanted to test free agency, we’ll see if he comes back to the Nuggets but I think he’ll be picked up by someone else. There’s also a rumor the Bulls may trade Boozer, Robinson, and a few more players for Kevin love, and that may be a more likely deal. Redick is a nice choice if the Nuggets can sign him. I like going with Redick he seems like a Denver Nugget. I’m certain Andre Miller will be staying with the Nuggets till he retires, he’s got that “clutch” factor once in forever.

  3. I find it unlikely we could get a star like Love anyway. Though if the Bulls get love for Boozer and Butler than I would think that’s a steal for the Bulls. I actually think Iggy might stay if the Nuggets can put together a team around him. I mean they have a very good very young core group of guys but just don’t have that shooter and physical big man to put them over the top. I agree with you too that they just ran into the perfectly wrong team in the first round. I think they could have beat San Antonio and possibly even OKC. But I guess it is what it is, now time to move forward and sign Ujiri ASAP

    • I agree, I really like Igudola and he makes the team better. I love watching him play with the Nuggets he’s perfect. The Nuggets are like what OKC was 3 years ago, young and getting better. Lets get that deal done.

      • Ya agreed, he is the epitome of a team player…too much of one sometimes. Though only thing I don’t get is how in the heck does a shooting guard shoot below 60% at the Free throw line?? Ya, they aren’t far away…it’d be cool to have some potentially great teams in the Nuggs and Broncos.

      • Well you make a good point about his free throw shooting, he should be better. Yea he does play hero ball every now and then. I’m more of a Ty Lawson and Faried fan. The Broncos look fantastic this year, I’m hopinh they make to the Super Bowl. Great choice bringing in Manning.

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