Can The Tribe Hold Up?


Last nights 6-2 loss to the Phillies left the tribe scoring only 3 runs in 26 innings. Not exactly the team we’ve been watching the last few weeks. So what’s the deal? This can get some people quick to ask, Are the tribes bats starting to cool off? Their hitting does come to mind but one thing I’ve noticed over the last few games is how many runners their leaving in scoring position.

I did some homework and went back 10 games to their first game against the As. I know from listening to all the games that this is and has been a problem for them. I’m not real great at stats so i may be off by some but you can still get the gist. In those 10 games they are 7-3 which is good but they are 25 for 62 with runners in scoring position. In the games lost they are 6 for 15 meaning if they would’ve been able to bring them guys home they may have won those games. Looking back into this I also found that they had loaded the bases 6 times and were only able to bring in 5 runs, one of them being walked in.

Now I know there are a lot of factors that can go along with this with how well both teams are doing overall that day. If your up say by 8 runs, the other teams not doing well at all, and you leave 5 guys on you’ll still get the win and it’s not going to matter that you left them on. But more often your not going to have a game go that way it can be a close game and your going to have to concentrate on getting them runners home and if you can’t you’ll start losing games.

I know the tribe has what it takes to lower this number. They’ve more than proved it getting back into it this season They just need to get more consistent with it. It seems like they either go big or nothing and with a lot of their wins solo home runs have played a big part.

In such a close knit division with 4 of the 5 teams at or above the 500 mark, the team under being them White Sox, this is something that if you don’t work at it’ll sink you fast and I don’t want to see the Indians back where they’ve been in the last few seasons battling the Royals for last place.


2 thoughts on “Can The Tribe Hold Up?

  1. I think they can because they have a solid manager in Terry Francona. He has the background to lead them to a really good season and beyond in future years.

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