OKC and Chicago Head Home: It Was Inevitable

Great post by SportsNonsense, it was upsetting to see my Bulls, Nuggets, and Rockets head home. The Knicks risk being knocked out tonight. The only reason I’ll keep watching is to see if my prediction of the Spurs vs Heat will happen or not.


It ended how we all expected. True, there was some drama in both the Thunder and Chicago series, but both ended in five games with the fifth games not being all that close. Credit to Chicago for fighting hard even with all their injuries, and credit to Kevin Durant and the Thunder for battling without their second superstar. Really though, neither team stood much of a chance in their series.Image

            The Thunder probably had the best chance of sending their series to six games. They had the best player in the series, which usually counts for something, but as covered earlier this week on the blog, Kevin Durant just had too little help without Westbrook. Along with that, it didn’t help that Memphis was a team built to beat the Thunder. Memphis was able to play their style all series, slowing down the game and keeping the Thunder out…

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