Should Favre Come Back to the Packers at This Time?


According to Reports, Green bay Packers President Mark Murphy is offering out an olive branch to return back into the Family and Retire his Jersey. Now, the question remains. Should Favre accept this opportunity to make a mends with the packers at this time? before we go over the facts, I’d like to get my slight bias out here of what I wish Favre would do. I truly wish he would tell the Packers brass to take their olive branch, to take their notion for reconciliation and to retire his Jersey in Green bay and give them the Middle Finger and say Screw you! Then retire with the Vikings, (hey, he did sit in the Vikings corner when Adrian Peterson won the MVP award this year. Just food for thought :D) Now that I have gotten my Bias out of my system. Lets take a look at what favre has meant to the Packers and the events that have lead us to this point. to do this, lets take a dive into a little bit of a history lesson.

Now, Brett Favre Entered the NFL in 1991 as he was drafted by the Falcons in the 2nd round. When he was drafted, he declared that whatever team ended up with him, that they would be getting a future hall of Fame QB for the rest of his career and after the Falcons didn’t see that potential in him, they decided to trade Young Favre to a team that ended up with the QB that favre promised the team that took a chance on him would get. Favre would go on to give the  Packers everything that he possibly could. He Give the Packers organization that was in a pathetic state of affairs from 1979-1992, where one could say, they were a complete joke for quite a long time, then this Mississippi boy comes swooping in and gave not only the organization, but the fans incredible excitement with his rocket balls, deep throws, last second victories, many winning seasons, 2 superbowl appearances (winning 1)  and a franchise in good standing, that was competitive in the NFL for many years. Then in the 2000 season, when Mike Holmgren left the packers to eventually coach the Seahawks. The Packers would sign a man by the name of Mike Sherman and it was this coach, that would insight the Primadonna streak Favre started to show signs of, in the 2005 season. If not for Sherman, letting favre come into training camp whenever he wanted, allowing favre to do his own thing at anytime. He let Favre lead him by the nose and used the power that he was given. Then in the 2005 NFL draft. In the 1st round, the Packers shocked many since they had the Iron man Brett Fave, when they selected with the 25th pick, Aaron Rodgers, the young QB out of California who would latter become his successor. This pick we know today turned out to be a great pick and it allowed Rodgers the ability to refine him game with better technique, foot work, film study, and learning and watching from Favre . After the 2005 season, the Packers fired Sherman and eventually hired Mike McCarthy, who wasn’t the type to put up with any nonsense and he didn’t like that Favre was able to do as he pleased, (deciding when he was ready to come into training camp for example.) This lead to some friction with Favre, McCarthy, and Ted Thompson. Then after the 2007 season where Favre just got off a heartbreaking interception that cost them a chance at the superbowl. Ted Thompson came to Favre and wanted an answer ASAP, if Favre would be back in 2008. Then with the emotional state favre was in, he made an emotional decision to retire. He gave a teary eyed good bye speech, then when summer came along, he decided he wanted to keep playing and wanted to come back. The Packers decided to move on with Aaron Rodgers and told Favre that he would be welcomed back, but only as a backup. This is were the messy divorce came into play.

From one report, Favre wasn’t having that and demanded to be traded. The Packers honored his wish, but not to the team that he wanted to go to. Favre’s first choice was to be traded to Vikings and the Vikings were offering 2 first round picks and another pick that had the potential to turn into a third 1st round pick. However the Packers denied this request by Favre. Then since a NFC north foe wasn’t a place the Packers were willing to trade him to and the only teams the Packers would trade him to were the Jets and the Bucs. Favre was Quoted to have said, “Fine, trade me to the Bucs, so I can at least whip you ass at least once this year” The Packers Then decided to trade Favre to the Jets, for about the same price the Viking and Bucs were willing to pay for him.

Now, from my opinion. The Packers wronged Favre big time. Sure, was Favre in the wrong for flip flopping on his decision to retire, then come back? Yeah he was, but how do you treat the man, that turned your franchise around, from being a joke, to a success like this? Now, even though I understand why the packers didn’t want to trade Favre to the Vikings like he wanted, because they feared it would come back to bite them in the butt. They should have honored his wish and had faith that Rodgers was their man. To me, this showed their a lack of faith in Rodgers ability to beat anyone, even his predecessor. If Rodgers is your man, then it shouldn’t matter if Favre went to a rival.

Favre and the Packer left each other on bad terms and Favre went on to have an alright season overall with the Jets going 9-7, but tearing his bicep tendon caused Favre’s production to suffer, after starting off the season 6-2. Favre retired again, just so he could come back once more after off season surgery and throwing with the high school kids. He came to Minnesota and Lite things up. He torched the Packers twice and got revenge and had probably his best statistical season ever with 33 TD’s 7 ints, and a little over 4,000 yards passing. The Vikings had a great season, that sadly fell short, as they were within one play away from being in the superbowl. Favre would be dragged back in 2010 by the Vikings, who ended up implode.

Now that we have gone over the history of how we ended up here.the Question I asked in the beginning can be answered. Should Favre accept this opportunity to make a mends with the packers at this time? For the short term, I’d have to say no. Now before you call my slight bias of the Vikings into this, just stop it for a second. Things have been rocky with Favre and the Packers organization, since Ted Thompson was the GM. I’m pretty confident that Favre really dislikes, or even hates Ted Thompson with a passion, with the way Ted made Favre look and basically threw Favre out of Green bay, when he was in an emotional state and Mike Sherman didn’t help, by hugely stroking his Ego at the time that lead to Favre’s Primadonna steak. However, at the end of the day, Favre will probably retire eventually with the Packers, but I personally think that will happen many years from now, when Ted Thompson is out of Green bay. I’d say in this case, later would be better then sooner, for the Packers and Favre to throw water under the bridge and make up.



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