The ongoing discussion on the WWE and their “PG” rating is beyond me. Ya know back when I was a kid there was never any type of discussion as such. But over the years when television channels started getting more……”Racy”. They set all of that up. Now today in the TV world it seems as if programs push the button to “show” or “say” a little bit more as time progresses. Which in my eyes is fine, of course if you don’t like it don’t watch it right? But for some reason the WWE is going backwards on that deal. Now granted there are small kids watching as WE DID when we were younger. I mean as far as the “Attitude” era, I think it was perfect. I mean hell in my eyes it could be exactly the same today and I wouldn’t mind even with how things have been evolving over the years on television. I mean take it for what it is but….When I watch the WWE shows and/or I am there live I see plenty of Adults getting in to it. Of course; they have to accompany their children. I think one of the big  problems is that, for me being an 80’s kid I can understand that perhaps a good majority of wrestling fans have grown out of it? Perhaps or maybe being adults don’t have time to keep up? I dunno for sure, just a mere view as I see it. SO if that were the case then why wouldn’t they want to keep a mild show? I mean kids = $$$$. We all know that, if you have a child into wrestling he wants it all! t-shirts, posters, games yadda yadda yadda. Its all about the marketing. And one thing that has made the WWE what it is today is the kids. I know you hate me for saying it! It’s ok….its simple logic. HOWEVER, let’s think about this…When I was growing up there were plenty of movies with an “R” rating…but in today’s society would only be “PG-13” do you understand? But the fact of the matter is, is that the WWE and their “PG” rating is SO mild that I think it’s between a “G” and “PG” BECAUSE, the ATTITUDE era of the late 90’s was “PG-13” or “TV-MA”. So with evolving that era’s “PG-13” would and SHOULD be today’s “PG-13” I hope you do not think i’m speaking in circles because I am not. I am just breaking down the simple logic of why I believe…1. The WWE needs the children of the WWE Universe to market more items. 2. The WWE has in fact went backward as far as TV ratings when most television programs have evolved themselves into a “PG-13” or “TV/MA” rating. 3. I think that if WWE’s ratings would have evolved with the rest of programming it may have gotten far more racy and that maybe the children wouldn’t necessarily be able to watch it! Now I know, I know what your thinking….so be it? give the kids their own show like the Saturday morning show and leave us adults with the good stuff!? Unfortunately I don’t see it happening soon. Regardless of ratings wrestling has always been and always will be a family show. But with the help Of HHH, Brock Lesnor, Paul Heyman(@HeymanHustle), Cm Punk and superstars like the Shield….there is a good possibility of a change in the “far” future. Maybe 5 years…..10 at the most I mean at the end of the day Vincent K. McMahon knows it has to happen…and who knows by then it may all be in the hands of HHH (Paul Levesque)!


About Jay Jay Michaels

I am an Avid Pro Wrestling fan and critic. I love all sports but I'll leave everything else to those "professionals". From Me you will receive, Pro Wrestling News and also critiques on Television Broadcasted shows. I plan on researching indy promotions from other sources and posting about them as well! Hope you enjoy! Jay Jay Michaels Follow me @GoDeepWrestling

2 thoughts on “From ATTITUDE to PG….

  1. I remember some of those movies and shows your talking about being rated R then and now PG. You wernt talking in circles at all man for us that grew up with that in the 80s 90s as well I was able to follow right on along. Seeing it wrote out like you did really makes you think wow look how all that has changed.

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