Woodson Back to Oakland?


It’s sad to see this amazing player leave my beloved Green Bay Packers. Though we all have to move on eventually. Could Charles Woodson be returning to his former team, the Oakland Raiders?

Woodson’s agent, Carl Poston, tells The Associated Press that the 36-year-old defensive back will visit with The Oakland Raiders on Tuesday. The 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year would’ve traveled to Oakland from Denver after meeting with the Broncos on Wednesday, but he had charity obligations this weekend to support Mott Children’s Hospital.


Several other teams like the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers along with a couple other teams, who say they don’t want to be mentioned, have also contacted the eight-time Pro Bowl player.

Woodson spent his first eight seasons in Oakland after leading Michigan to the 1997 national championship. Sadly, Green Bay cut him in a salary-cap move three months ago. I’ll never forget my favorite Charles Woodson sign. “98% of the Earth is covered in water, the rest is covered by Charles Woodson.”



2 thoughts on “Woodson Back to Oakland?

    • I’m a slight Raiders fan as well and this is a great addition. I thought the Raiders were going to be great last year, especially since I dominated my competition in my Madden 13 online franchise with the Raiders. Sadly their season was disappointing but I’m hoping it’ll be better this year.

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