Moore to Start for Broncos, Despite Poor Super Bowl Preformance


Lately we’ve been seeing Déjà vu in the NFL playoffs, starting with Brett Favre throwing a late game losing interception to the Giants. Two years later Brett Favre did it again while playing with the Vikings. Then a year and four months ago Kyle Williams had a bad case of Randall Cobbitis and didn’t know if he was going to return the punt or not. What resulted was a fumble off of his knee which allowed the Giants to march down a small amount of field and go to the Super Bowl. Death threats and hate mail filled Williams Twitter, Facebook, and house mailbox. It was only four months ago that the same thing happened to the Broncos Safety, Rahim Moore, whose gaffe allowed Jacoby Jones to run 70 yards down the field and win the double OT game and move on to win the Super Bowl.

William became public enemy number one, and fan didn’t want him back. Like the Packers keeping Dom Capers, the Broncos decided to keep their mistake for one more year and leave Williams as the starting Safety.

Although there is plenty of blame to go around, Moore took the brunt of public criticism along with coach John Fox for his decision to have Peyton Manning take a knee afterward and take his chances in overtime.

”I think he’s over it; I think we’re all over it, you know,” Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio told The Associated Press. ”I think we all look back and see things that we could have done better. We also look back with a great deal of pride in what we accomplished.”

”We played some very good defense and he was central to that. So, we want to feel good about what went well. We want to feel the sting of what went bad. And we want to get ready to be better this year.”

It’s sad that all the other mistakes simply get overlooked by the one Moore made. The Broncos were a mess that game and they should’ve played better.

”Rahim’s focus is on getting better from a year ago,” Fox said. ”And there wasn’t one play. It was a whole season. He made great, great progress a year ago from his rookie year and we anticipate him to do that again. He’s a very talented young man.”

In the end, the Broncos are still my favorite to go to the Super Bowl in the AFC.


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