Verbal Shots Fired In Heat-Pacers Series

Some early drama for the Eastern Division Final read more from the Hang Time Blog at | Hang Time Blog

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  • Eastern Conference finals — Pacers vs. Heat: Series Hub

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You have to give Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel credit. He’s never changed his style. He’s confident, fearless in what he’s willing to say publicly and has the utmost confidence that his team will back him up in any fight he picks.

So when he makes what seems like a harmless statement:

“It’s exciting, but this is not about getting back at Miami. If you’re in the final four you’re competing for a championship. And they’re just the next team that’s in our way. That’s how we’re approaching it.”

… as he did late Saturday night after the Pacers clinched their date in the Eastern Conference finals against the defending champions, he knew his words would catch the attention of the Heat, and LeBron James in particular.

Verbal shots have been fired in…

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