A True Bear: Brian Urlacher Retires

Da Bears will truly miss Urlacher and yet this helps them out. The Bears have great players on defense but I always said that their defense is also too old to keep up. It’s a shame to see old great defensive players league but the Bears have to get younger if they hope to compete with their young NFC North rivals.


If you haven’t heard already this morning, longtime Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has decided to hang it up and retire from the NFL. While there was speculation of Urlacher continuing his career next season, he sent out the following tweet this morning thanking all of his coaches, teammates, and fans and officially retiring from the league.

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2 thoughts on “A True Bear: Brian Urlacher Retires

    • I completely agree. Urlacher is a precense on defense no matter his age. He was also very respectful against everyone he plyed, which may not have made hardcore Bear fans too happy. I enjoyed watching him laugh after Aaron Rodger tackled him when he intercepted his pass. I also enjoyed watching Urlacher pick Rodgers up off the ground after a sack or tackle. Great guy and a great player.

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