Are You Ready to Football! WWE and the NFL


So besides the fact the Aaron Rodgers got a belt after winning the SUper Bowl and lets forget about the fact the Dwayne Johnson actually tried pro football before anyone had a chance to “smell” what he was cooking in wrestling. WWE is trying to create a smooth transition for plaayer whose NFL aspirations have tied out but they still want to stay in a professional athletic career. What would be a better place to go than the world of wrestling?

Jim Ross, a WWE announcer who now assists with the company’s talent-development program, is meeting Wednesday with NFL Players Association officials in Washington, D.C. Ross hopes to develop a working relationship that could lead to the NFLPA funneling players whose football aspirations have ended toward a WWE tryout.

“Everybody doesn’t make the 53-man roster,” Ross told co-host Jim Miller and me Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Some guys are going to be looking for work, and we’ve got some job openings. Maybe we can put the synergies of those two entities together and create something wonderful some day.”

Not only that but wrestling can also be a gateway to other careers like Dwayne Johnson for example. Dwayne, who later branched into acting, has headlined WWE’s past two Wrestlemania events while remaining one of Hollywood’s biggest box-office draws.

Other current WWE superstars with backgrounds from other sports include John Cena (college football), The Undertaker (college basketball) and Brock Lesnar (amateur wrestling).

WWE has made a significant investment in trying to develop younger talent that can follow in the footsteps of those legends. The company recently announced plans to build a 26,000 square-foot training center in Orlando, Fla., where its developmental program will be based.


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