Extreme Rules Fallout……….


Hate to say I told ya so! But I did! Dean Ambrose and The Shield have title gold now and its just beginning! Now im not quite ready to tell you how I feel and see things in the future happening but that will all come with a little time. And remember a little time in the wrestling world could be a couple of months LOL! But hey, how do you feel about it? I mean you would have honestly had to been crazy to think someone from The Shield was not walking away with title gold at Extreme Rules. And they were not gonna let one get it without the other, plain and simple!


Now This match I’m sure didn’t disappoint, How could it of? These two have been feuding for over a year and now hopefully its over……rivilalries such as this can get stale pretty quick (Cena vs Rock 2). This feud did what it had to do and now it should be over! I mean these two guys beat the hell outta each other off and on for a little over a year now, great matches great story….great ending!

I’ll get back to you tomorrow on other Extreme Rules matches and the aftermath on Raw!  Keep in touch…….follow me @GoDeepWrestling on twitter.


About Jay Jay Michaels

I am an Avid Pro Wrestling fan and critic. I love all sports but I'll leave everything else to those "professionals". From Me you will receive, Pro Wrestling News and also critiques on Television Broadcasted shows. I plan on researching indy promotions from other sources and posting about them as well! Hope you enjoy! Jay Jay Michaels Follow me @GoDeepWrestling

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